Wine harvest

This year's wine harvest for a refreshing blend of Bianco d'Alessano, Verdeca and Malvasia bianca. An extraordinarily humid summer and some ugly hail have caused quite some damage, especially as we like to keep fungicides to an absolute minimum. But that's nature. We have to do some more work sorting out bad grapes. Cat Frodo... Continue Reading →


It looked more like a weed field but it actually was a wheat field: Now we, well, a neighbour with his tractor, to be honest, harvested our first wheat. Looking forward to bake my first bread out of homegrown wheat, with sourdough, of course!

Lots of apricots

What shall we do with lots and lots of apricots? Apart from the obvious jam and dried apricots (here drying on an old bed frame), we are making fruit rolls. After a few hours of pruning, I blend all the fruits with a mixer, add nothing at all, spread the pulp out on trays and... Continue Reading →


Verjuice (French „verjus“, Italian „agresto“, Persian „ab-ghureh“) is the juice of green, unripe grapes, hence its name „vert jus“ = green juice. It is acidic and astringent and is a perfect substitute for vinegar and lemon juice. Actually, I totally prefer it to vinegar. We even make ceviche with it, instead of lemon juice. Verjuice... Continue Reading →

Our wine

We grow and press our own white wine from local grape species: Verdeca, Malvasia and Bianco d'Alessano. The result is a clear and crisp, yet fruity white wine which can be drank without regret. Cheers!

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