Thank you, ladies!

It is time to say thank you to our feathery ladies, chicken and quails, who kindly provide us with tasty eggs.

Eggs are such a diverse ingredient! Have you ever tried steamed egg in a glass? An easy way to improvise a snack, a first course or a small dinner. Take a normal water glass per person, inside each beat a couple of eggs with broth of your choice, and add herbs, spices and vegetables to your tasting. Sometimes I do a Mediterranean version with tomatoes, oregano, pepper and parmesan cheese, sometimes I go for an Asian version with soy sauce, vegetables, chillies and mushrooms, even shrimps don’t hurt. For a fancy version try truffle oil, cream and parmesan cheese. Now steam the eggs by inserting the whole glasses in a cooking pot with water up to at least half the glass (but not too high, either). After about 20 minutes the eggs mixture will be cooked yet soft and creamy.


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